Done For You SEO

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to turn the table around, where customers come after your business, not vice versa.

As the world of SEO can be complex and time-consuming, by opting for ‘Done For You SEO, your business will climb higher in less time than your competitors.

As your honored guide with a decade of experience in SEO bringing numerous businesses from the shadows of Google to the spotlight, I’ll be recommending the best solution tailored for Your Business so strap in!

What is SEO?

In simple terms, by optimizing various elements of your website—such as content, structure, and keywords – your business appears first on Google when they search for your service so you make more sales.

Why do SEO?

Well, you may be wondering, “Can’t I just run Google ads to save myself from SEO?”

Unfortunately, as a seasoned marketing professional seeing advertisements only becoming more expensive, I can tell you that paid clicks is a race to the bottom. Why?

Consider this: if you opt for Google ads, every click on your ad costs money. Say you’re selling soaps, and each click costs $1. If 100 people click on your ad, that’s $100 out of your pocket which may or may not result in sales.

But guess what happens when you run out of your budget dedicated Google ads? Your business will be nowhere to found and we both know how much sales you make if you’re business is not found, $0. Let’s compare that with SEO.

By optimizing your website for search engines, not only will your business will come first but also it’ll stay first or there would be no ceiling on how many people can find you or buy from you without any of the clicks costing you a single dollar aside your investment. Put short, you’ll get more sales at lower price.

SEO Done For You: Hard Way vs Easy Way

Now let’s get down to business. Now that you understand the importance of SEO, for the first time ever, you are presented with not just one, but two distinct choices: opting for an agency or leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). So let’s compare and contrast:

As you can see, the agency is a staggering 30X more expensive! So is it worth it? No. Cause your money is not going to go to SEO but to overheads and expensive company trips to Hawaii, at best 1% of your money will actually go to SEO.

I am sorry if I am being too blunt but I am saying this cause I’ve been in some of the top SEO agencies to see it for it myself.

In fact, we were told to “ease off” from starting’s client project until 3 days after so we give the client a feeling of sophistication that their money is put to hard work when we were doing nothing but discussing how we can get more clients. This is why I had to leave my job.

But don’t worry, in today’s world, seo automation software is your savior here to put that wasted money back to your pocket so you’ve grow more for less. Results? After 3 months of usage, my business ( has ranked, not at the top but at the top 3 within 3 months:

As an SEO geek myself, I’ve tested out all different automation seo softwares to realize that comes to the top as it’s not built by some techies who don’t know what SEO stands for backed up reckless Investors but rather SEO experts themselves, hence the results.


In today’s digital first world, if you’re not on top of Google, chances of your business failing shoots up by 95%.

Now you can either choose to pay expensive agencies to do it for you to fund their company’s Hawaii trips or you can let automated seo software do it for you. A year ago you didn’t have the choice, now you do.


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